I’m an employee!

When change in the workplace is proposed, what does it mean for the employees? Redundancy? A new boss, re-location or new terms and conditions? Perhaps none of these, or all of them, but whatever is decided it is unusual for you to be consulted. Employee ownership offers you the chance to take control of your own destiny, to participate in strategic decision making, profit distribution and capital growth and make a positive contribution to your own company.

I’m a business owner!

Most successful business people have planning at the heart of their success – business plans, financial plans, marketing plans and pension plans …., the list is endless. Research shows that alarmingly few business people plan an exit route from their business. Employee ownership offers an exit route without opening up the business to outside scrutiny and, through an Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP) mechanism, a way to rollover CGT liability; it offers a way to secure the business and jobs in the local community, rewarding longer serving employees, and retain its independence.

I’m a business adviser!

Employee ownership is another tool for your kit bag; if the business is sold on to the employees it will remain in the local economy and is more likely to remain with local service providers such as banks, lawyers and accountants.

I’m a business manager!

Employee ownership offers a way to motivate and reward employees by giving them a financial stake in their place of work; through the ESOP, it offers a tax efficient way to turn profit into equity whilst gaining the commitment of the employees.

I’m a trade unionist!

Employee ownership can be a way of protecting jobs in a company when the owner wants to retire or sell the business. By transferring the company to your members, they can begin to develop their own company and protect their pay and conditions in to the future.

Employee Ownership?

There’s something in it for everyone!